My story in a nutshell.

So, here we go.

January 22nd 2018 changed my life forever, for better or for worse (I’m not quite sure yet), but it changed it forever.

I was married for 31 years. Happily I thought, until the aforementioned date. That’s when my wife dropped a bomb.

She had been acting strangely for a couple months or so (fervently reading the Bible and listening to online sermons). We had fallen away from the Catholic Church after the scandals and coverups. Our parish alone had two priests removed. We talked about finding another church but hadn’t really tried real hard to do it. She followed one pastor and bought herself his study Bible with her name embossed on the front cover. I thought it was out of character for her and to tell you the truth, I to this day don’t know why I didn’t ask her what was going on in her head. 

She is self employed and started to work later and became distant. Never once did she say anything to me about being unhappy or disillusioned with me or our marriage, not once. I admit I should have been more in-tune with “us” but I just thought it was a temporary bump we were going through.

On January 22nd, 2018 she came home from work and said she wanted a six month separation so things wouldn’t get ugly. Blindsided, completely utterly blindsided. I didn’t even take her seriously because it made no sense. I had to ask if there was someone else even though I would’ve bet everything I owned on her saying no. She said it was Jesus. She said he had her on a path and it had nothing to do with anyone in this house. We have three kids by the way. Two out and one at home still. She slept in the guest room and left the next morning without telling me where she was staying. I was in a complete panic and tried to contact her but she wouldn’t answer her phone. After a day or so I thought of the “find my IPhone app”. I found her password and tracked it to a hotel in town and the next day I tracked it to a house. God I can’t believe how gullible I was then. I honestly  thought “wow, she actually rented a house”. So embarrassing. I never trusted anyone more than her. I was dead wrong.

A week later she met me at a restaurant and said ”first of all I’m happy, and I’m sorry I was dishonest with you”. I knew right away what she meant but I’m the one that asked if she cheated on me. I so wish I would’ve made her say it but ,water under the bridge. 

He was a client who I had met before. If you saw his Facebook page, you would think he’s a pastor. He’s also a “life coach” and all kinds of other wonderful new age bullshit stuff. He’s a charlatan and a con artist. Four marriages, a dozen small claims court dates for non-payment, a spousal abuse charge and was arrested on D-day for theft from his job. A vitamin, health food shop…a fifty year old man working at a vitamin store. He was offering a 30% cash discount and pocketing the money. Police got him on camera plus they sent three different officers in to buy. It’s still going through the court system 10 months later. He knows how to work the system, delay until they give up. He’s done it before.

Her family, my family, everyone was in shock and devestated by her actions. Her sisters had my back 100% , but they are slowly bringing her back into the fold. Im extremely hurt by that, but it didn’t surprise me. It’s easier to act like nothing happened and suppress everything as opposed to calling her on her shit and confronting her. I just want a little justice, just a little. 

She showed up on my doorstep 5 weeks later “crying “ and wanting to get counseling. One month later she left again. My son watched her leave twice.

I used to pride myself on being a great judge of character. Well that’s gone.

The D is progressing slowly and I’ll be quite honest, I’m terrified of what shes going to pull. Infidelity doesn’t mean Jack shit to the court system.

There’s other things, but for now that should do it. Peace


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