A Brotherhood/Sisterhood .

I was just reading a post from @betrayedAug3118 on Twitter and all of the responses from beautiful, caring, compassionate, online friends and all of a sudden my mind pictured all of us as one. We were all squished together I guess in a mass of feelings and emotions and empathy and quite frankly Love.

We don’t “know” each other really. Not in a physical/visual sense anyway. We all met online for the same unfortunate, terrible, avoidable reason. INFIDELITY.

I could feel the support that was coming her way as she poured out her heart to her online tribe. Her struggles, her doubts, her heartache, all of it being validated by those that can relate.

I’m not sure how people did it before the internet. Yes, they were probably tougher, maybe more resilient, but they were still human. Did they suck it up? Was their support system bigger, stronger?

I doubt it. I think they just endured in their brokenness. They got up each morning and got ready for their day just like all of us. They slogged through whatever it was they had to do, and maybe they had someone to bounce things off of, but nothing like what we have now. We literally have countries if not continents listening to us.

We’re all going through something, and now we have so many more caring people who have “been there-done that” and can offer something worthwhile, even if it’s just a virtual ((hug)). I speak for me when I say I think that showing support for other’s has been as important to my healing as the support I have received.

I for one am so grateful for the online support of all of my tribe. I’m not sure where I’d be without you all. I would be alive, but I’m not so sure I’d be living.

We will persevere.

We will thrive.

I thank you all for everything you’ve given me and taught me. You know who you are.

We will make it through to the other side together, as a family.

An unorthodox family, but a family all the same. XOXO


5 thoughts on “A Brotherhood/Sisterhood .

  1. 12 yrs ago I searched and searched for anything where people could give me comfort, where I could see their pain & understand I was not alone. I found Anne Brecht, but because my pain was intense I didn’t want to hear how they got through without reading their pain & insanity. I didn’t believe that people were hurting as much as me & I felt alone. So I started my journal, to keep my sanity, and now I use that to help others. I never thought about Twitter until the last year but only today I realised that Twitter is a reflection of yourself: what you put out there you will get back. I am no longer in pain, but I love my tribe. Rosie ❤️


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